DPTC Sensitization Training for Traditional Rulers.

In January 2020 another batch of training was conducted among 30 traditional leaders from Bwari Local Government Area in Abuja consisting of 26 Traditional rulers with One(1) a representative from the Esu of Bwari, 11 District Heads and 14 Village Heads in lieu of the 30 which were expected be trained and participate in the two days training program. The training was conducted between 29th and 30th of January, 2020. Participants were trained with the already designed UNODC module from module 1-7, 10 and 11 and training starts 9am prompt on each. The first day captured introduction and other topics hovering around drug use, supply demand and prevalence in Nigeria they were introduced about the main objective of training which is to increase the awareness of the Traditional rulers towards drug use, dependence prevention and care in Bwari, Abuja with a recap a second day, each module took at least 45 minutes and 15minutes for questions and answers. However, participants were encouraged to fill the daily evaluation form and the final evaluation was done last day of the training. A pre and post test was conducted on the first and second day respectively, daily evaluation of activities and final evaluation. Mr Zion Ameh coordinated the presentation of certificates to participants on the last day of the training.