Donate to support MHEI 6th Anniversary

Allow me welcome you to The Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative MHEI 6th Anniversary program; Advocacy and Community Mental Health Outreaches in 11 States including FCT Abuja.

Mental health challenges in the country have been on the steady rise and skyrocketed with the COVID19 pandemic. we have witness increase in number who are depressed and people who died by suicide.

In Nigeria, there are several barriers to access to effective mental healthcare, e.g. cost, distance to the mental health facility, social stigma, cultural beliefs, attitudes, taboos etc.

This project will support, persons, family members and the community people with a set of activities like diagnosis, treatment, counselling, medication and care, family and community awareness and capacity building, linkage with government health and rehabilitation facilities to access sustained facilities as far as possible.

Project objectives
To create intensive sensitization campaign on mental health and drug misuse
To raise public awareness on the need for mental health support (policy, plan, legislation, and funding)
To give a voice to people living with mental health disabilities (Build peer/community support system)
To provide a platform for people with mental health disabilities to seek help (our website, social media platforms and toll-free line)
To create a referral system for people with Mental Health Disabilities and Drug use Problems

We look forward to your donations, let’s together build a mentally healthy society across Nigeria and beyond.

Remain ever blessed.